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Full Version: 16" brake rebuild
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I've decided I'm going to attempt to redo my brakes myself, will hopefully start to strip down near the end of the week. Going to give it a few days of plusgas soaking the unions.
Parts I've got
Front discs and pads
Brickwerks brake flexi's
2 X bleed nipples
8 X union spring clips
Rear brake pads
Rear drum spring kit
2 X handbrake cables (drums to compensator)
[Image: vanfestbuys004.jpg]

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[Image: vanfestbuys008.jpg]

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[Image: vanfestbuys009.jpg]

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[Image: vanfestbuys010.jpg]

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[Image: vanfestbuys011.jpg]

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[Image: vanfestbuys013.jpg]

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So, any top tips welcome. Think I'll get some mole grips for the bleed nipples.
I'll fill this thread full of photo's, as I find it hard to find any 16" specific info
The process is exactly the same as doing a 14's brakes.
If you are going that far you best change the rear cylinders aswell.
Also remove the lip of the edge of the drums so when you come to work on the brakes again the drums come of easily.
Ok, cheers. I havent done a 14" brakes either :lol: So should be fun, only doing/undoing pipes so what could possibly go wrong :roll:
I've been debating on changing the rear cylinders. I know they are LT, but what is the best place to get them without a 16" tax?
Do GSF sell them? I've seen syncrospares stock them, but haven't had a price off them.
thanks, Lloyd
GSF do them. Expect to change the brake pipes as they will twist [ UK only from corrosion]
Thanks, I'm hoping a week of soaking in plus gas will help with the undoing. None look to rusty(bar one) and I've been quite lucky on the van so far. Don't really fancy chasing brake pipes around the van, and fingers crossed I won't have to. Look out for a winging post or a bragging post around this time next week Big Grin
Round 1, victory of man over machine!
Old Disc and caliper
[Image: brakes046.jpg]

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Disc and caliper just about fell off, not rusted on :shock: stone shield seen better days :lol:
[Image: brakes049.jpg]

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[Image: brakes048.jpg]

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[Image: brakes047.jpg]

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side by side, and new one fitted
[Image: brakes050.jpg]

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[Image: brakes051.jpg]

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Removed old pads from caliper, quite a difference old to new
[Image: brakes052.jpg]

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Fitted new disc
[Image: brakes053.jpg]

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All went very well, both calipers have gone to my neighbour who is going to open the calipers right up, fit the pads in and replace the bleed nipples, as i would probably end up snapping them off. (thanks to jed for answering the phone, and doing a flying visit)
Supprised how easy the brake unions undone, undid with no effort at all :?
Round two will be to fit the calipers and undo the flexi unions at the chassis end, where it looks as though someone has already mullered one of them. So this could be a stumbling block, the wetness is penatrating fluid
[Image: brakes045.jpg]

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The union mentioned above would not undo without totally mullering the nut luckily I was able to trace the pipe back to a T piece on the other side of the van, so undid that and made a new piece. The front end is now done and all connected up.
The rear flexi's undid on the chassis end, but the trailing arm end would not undo, so I cut the solid pipe that runs over the trailing arm and will have to replace this, so not to bad, could have been the main back to front pipe. Next will be getting the bleed point out of the cylinder
I'd call round two a draw
Ok, rear flexi's fitted and new solid brake cable
[Image: brakes001.jpg]

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Have removed the wheel cylinders, new ones to pick up tomorrow. On checking brake , they have same amount of pad left as new ones, so I'll keep the new ones as spare.
So just need to fit the cylinders and bleed the system and adjust the brake shoes.
Front flexi's fitted
[Image: brakes003.jpg]

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Nice shiny disc guards
[Image: brakes004.jpg]

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Rear drums built back up
[Image: brakes003z.jpg]

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[Image: brakes004.jpg]

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Bled the system through and went for a drive, brakes don't really feel that great, and a little bit smelly on return. Probably on a par with before, performance wise Now i understand you have to bed in pads and discs, so what is the best way to do this? Just general driving, or hard braking?
Have since been for a drive, Brakes are getting better, have a much nicer feel
Now to decide if i go for the 10" bmw servo upgrade
Hi lloyd

just general driving, hard braking will glaze the pads and some times even the discs, try bleeding again as well, some times bubbles are deep in the pipes after a rebuild like this,

Ok, cheers for that. I am going to borrow a friends pressurised bleeder and give it a blast through. Brakes are feeling nicer now though, and I need to find a tool I can use to adjust the rear brakes as access is quite limited at the hole, might have to bend a screwdriver
Sorry forgot to up date this :oops:

Brake's are really good now, rear brakes were really out, so after adjusting them it's halved the pedal travel. It almost feels like i could lock up the fronts know :shock: they've never been that good. So a really worthwhile exercise and well worth doing
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