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Full Version: Big Rear Wheel Bearings
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After having trouble with my rear wheel bearings i sent my doka in to have them replaced by my mechanic in Springs
He pressed new bearings in and the following week i drove through to the Kruger Park, on the way home my bus vibrated the whole way from nelspruit till jhb and the vibration was unbearable
I then sent the bus back to my guy to see what the problem was, we changed wheels and checked everything but the vibration was still there
Our last thing to check was the rear bearing which should have been perfect as they were not ever 2 weeks old
the outer casings had cracks and were on the verge of collapsing

We then came up with the big rear bearing conversion for the syncro's
This involves machining the bearing carrier and fitting larger bearings in which can handle more weight
Also the nice thing with these bearings is they are easily obtainable from any bearing place
After a year of driving i havent had another issue with the bearings

I dont personally build these kits but they get made professionally in an engineering works for me
Ive already sold 1 kit to another syncro which is not on the forum and i havent heard from him since so assume he is also happy

I can get the kits made up on request on exchange with bearing carriers for R2300 or R2700 without
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