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Full Version: Kruger park pics
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Here are a few of our KNP pics not great but still nice, now you can see why Ian makes a living out of photography and i fix syncro's
I'm not a great wildlife photographer. It takes huge amounts of time. You do need skills for wildlife photography but you need even more patience and time. It's not something you can do while travelling with other people.
i agree, patience is a need for animal photography, these are all usual tourist shots, still have not got the eye for those great shots like you got in baviaans.
I see no shots of the lesser spotted syncro.
Yes Stuart is losing focus. :lol:
remember this is the section for non syncro pics, i put the 2 i have from that trip in the trip/ events section. will refresh it for you all.
Hi Syncromad,
Lovely pictures, all are great but like elephants and buffalo pictures most. Do share more pictures please.
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