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Full Version: Mountain View 4x4 challenge
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Hi, tomorrow there is a 4x4 challenge in Pietermaritzburg (my home city) that I'm thinking about going along to see. Now that I'm a committed T3 owner I'm reckon I might give one of these challenges a bash in the future- never done so before. Any tips for a newcomer who has a very basic T3 set-up and doesn't really want to change that? Like, 'Stay at home'!?
hi Sam

a basic syncro with both lockers working will do almost anything an off road course has to offer. approach and departure angles are some times just a problem,

we did the fundi challenge series in my modified syncro and did better than a lot of vehicles out there.

Caravelle bumpers also break easily.

As Stuart says. Big Grin Metal bumpers are better for any serious 4x4 work as they can take a good bashing with minimal damage.
Hi sam

here is a pic of my"thingcro" next to a standard 15" bus, this is what can be achieved with a lift kit. on the front page of my website; www there is a pic of my bus next to a 14" syncro, just to give an idea of height difference.

Hi Stuart

The microbus you have there is exactly mine,exept that mine is a caravelle (1989)with 15" wheels..Also with T bar(mousebar?)with spots,

and black scoops(which everyone with a syncro seems to take off..)

Surely your smartie has 16"wheels and it is not the lift kit that makes it stand out?

Hi Hans

just 15" wheels with245/75 R 15 mud terrains and a 10mm lift kit.

other than the motor, 16" wheel arch flare, decoupler and solid front shaft, the rest is standard syncro.

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