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Full Version: Rear Drums on 2WD
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Without taking mine apart !! Wink Does anyone here have part numbers for the rear drums,shoes & wheel cylinders from a 1994 2WD 5 cylinder Caravelle please? They seem bigger than European 2WD drums. Possibly 16" Syncro or LT perhaps ? Any help much appreciated ! Thanks. Big Grin
should be the same as a a syncro 14", they may just look different as the casting may be the SA one not the German one, ATE made drums here for VW,

size is 270x65, sa part no 22S 609 615 or german 251 609 615 according to etka,

Many thanks ! Big Grin
If they are indeed bigger,thy will be LT parts :-)
Can one get new drums & shoes from GW? I guess so if its made by ATE?

Yes you can, get from GW
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