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Full Version: Syncro Tool Kit
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I hope its suited to ask this question here...
If I do not wish to take a whole Geodore Toolbox on a trip, what list of tools would be needed?

It would save loads of space taking only the nesessary ones.

Eclipse, I dond't own a Syncro yet, but what I mainly carry in my BJ (excl. the normal jack/wheel spanner etc.) is a handfull of spanner combo, from 8mm to 19mm, pliers, side cutter, average size phillips and flat, vicegrip, electrical wire, cable ties, duct and isolation tape. In the event of a longer trip I load a small toolbox with sockets and additional screw drivers etc.

Hope somebody will give you more info if indeed any special tools is needed for the Syncro.

I have a toolbox that lives in my bus, i dont mind the extra weight and space as much as not having the right tool when you need it. A spline socket for the joints can never be a bad thing :-)
I'm of a bad advice,and I have everything with me,nothing that I can't take apart.
Summer 2005 I did a 1.6TD head gasket on a parking lot near VW dealer in 7 hours,from starting to leaving.
You'll always miss the one tool you need when travelling light.
I got a small toolcase with me with everything,it's basically the size of a big battery.Worth it!!
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