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Full Version: Tire & Alignment Specs
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wheels alignment specs

when doing alignment make sure they use the syncro setting on the machine as most alignment places do not know that there is a setting specifically for the syncro, and they want to used the normal microbus setting. this is completely different from the syncro setting.

always check that the print out says syncro on it.

Hi guys

I need some advice on the camber, please. I have been to four different guys in Richards Bay to do the wheel alignment since I fitted the new tyres a few months ago. Everyone had a go until the last chap eventually found that the bushes on the right control arm were worn.

This I replaced (thanks Stuart) and took it back to him again. He had the bus there the whole day today, but when I went to pick it up, he showed me that he could not set the camber properly on the driver side. The adjustment needed is miniscule, but he had reached the max.

The result is that my new Conti's are still being chowed with the Syncro still pulling to the left. HELP please....

PS. I made sure he used the "Syncro" setting on his computer.

Hi johan,
i had this on the "thingcro", we eventually drilled a new hole at the lower control arm mount and moved the arm in, it was all that could be done, think my bus's body is bent.

What would cause this though, Stuart? It was fine before, so I am a bit stumped.

You reckon I have to drill a new hole to move the arm? Is this a major undertaking?
Johan what settings does the print out show at the moment?
Hi Ian

I do not have it with me, but i remember something like 20 on the left and 41 on the right. Does that sound like it?
Hi Johan, a few years ago i replaced the entire font suspension bushes etc as i was having the same problem and thought bit a good idea for drivability anyway. Which it was, quiet and firm etc but the weird thing is that since then it has still always been at max on driver side and I have to compensate slightly for it when doing alignment. I have come to the conclusion that either i didn't seat one of the suspension bushes properly or my chasis is slightly out of true. The latter wouldn't surprise me as she has worked incredibly hard for many years. I also hope to find a solution one day.
What setting do you use now to compensate?
I cant remember figures from the last time, next time i will keep them, but if i remember correctly to help the bus track straight I think we set the left wheel castor a bit more forward than usual of the right castor? I do remember it was playing with the castor settings that enabled one to get the tracking pretty true. It is experimenting of course and helps to have a wheel alignment guy from what i call the "old school" where they actually learnt something and didnt rely on a computer which is usually the case now days. I find it worth asking around for the older guys in the game and they are pretty good at "fiddling" to compensate. I can feel mine is not perfect but she runs almost totally true and doesn't really wear too much on the tires.

I also change them around every 5000 kms anyway to stop a wear pattern developing which helps longevity even if she is pulling a bit. LeftRear to FrontRight, FrontRight to RightRear, RightRear to FrontLeft and so on. I know some people dont like the cross change but shouldnt be a problem unless you have directional tires, which i doubt anyone has on a Syncro.
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