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Conti world contact is a nice tyre, quiet, great in sand okay off road and fine in the wet, as usual mud is an issue, but that said i do also get stuck in mud with my mud terrains, not as easily but still do, and they are crap on tar and in sand, only goo off road and slightly better in mud, price is ok
Hi Hans
I just got a quote from my local TwT dealer for 1100 on the Hankook AT. It is an excellent tyre (Drive it for work on a Cruiser) and it has very good reviews all over the world
I want to go the 16" route, and know I'll have to modify the front arhces. I want to fit narrow tall tyres, something as a 205 by 80 or 85 profile. Thinking of the defender V8 tyre and the old Courier/ Magnum 16" 4x4 tyre, but with less commercial and more universal application. What you suggest is in the market to look at, pref. AT !
bridgestone, D694 205/80r16, that is what is on my 16" syncro
Thanks stuart, I like the quiteness of the B/stones and great road manners. What type u'r running, HT/ AT ?
Will get a price from my local Speedy and star saving. What rims u'r running as well?
16" syncro's have vw 16" steel rims, so that is what i am using, but that said my 245/75R 15 stand taller than the 205/80r 16's, also are better in sand and feel better on the road, i am currently running 245/75R15 on my LHD 16" syncro, for these reasons, also 15"tyres are cheaper than 16" ones,
WHAT IS MAXIMUM TIRE SIZE BEFORE ONE NEEDS TO SHAVE/ CUT ON THE SWAY BARS OR TRAILING ARMS? I have taxi springs and is willing to cut the arches, it seems B'stone do a 235/80R15, wich will be just smaller than 30".
Maxxis have a 215/85R16 in the Bravia AT series, now that is the size I'll love to get fitted. Now needsa to get the price 2morrow. Also TW&T will get back to me on Monday regarding my need/ want.
Can I fit a set of Amarokko rims & tyres, see the s/c is running 205R16 on steels. Maybe get a set 2nd hand from somebody going the mags and mt route ja !
The pcd on the amarok is 5x 100 , from what i know, syncro is 5x112, same as merc and older vw's and audi's, also need to check the offset as well
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