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Full Version: Throbbing brake pedal
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I had 4 new tyres fitted at TWT.Nothing else.

When I drove off and put my foot on the brakepedal I felt a light thropping coming from the pedal.

It feels a bit like the feedback from a non-round drumbrake but this is more a pulsating type feedback coming from the pedal.

Any ideas what could have triggered it?!

My only suggestion if it definately isnt out of round brake drums, would be to take each wheel off again and refit it. If there is anything untoward you may pick it up then. If not perhaps the drums were a bit out of round but as you have new tiers on you are more sensitive and aware of the feel of it?
did you change the rims as well ?
Hi Hans

Look at your front disks, maybe someone touched it with there oily hands, look on the inside as well. You will see the prints, they tend to turn blue as the pad grips on the oily part.

Easy way to find the offending drake part is lift the vehicle 4 wheels off the ground eg: put on axle stands. Then engage front and rear lockers. Clamp one flexi hose at a time while climbing in the bus and putting in gear as you would be driving in 1st. lightly apply brakes, when you cant feel the pulsing that is the offending brake.
Then you can examine further knowing you are in the right are.
Discs can also cause pulsing.
exactly as written Ruseel

understood description of the problem

my English is getting better hehehhehe: Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Thx,will try!

It was only four new tyres put on,no other work done at all.Car in air,wheels off,tyres on and wheels back on car.

Done at Tiger W and T,and figured no use taking it back to them.

Will start by having a look at disc surface,as i saw them cleaning the studs with some solvent before refitting the wheels...

Thx again for advice!Long live syncrosa!!

So almost a year has elapsed but what was the outcome? What was causing the pulsing?
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