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Full Version: Syncro Hats
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Hi Syncro's

We've had caps made with syncro written in big on them in the front, they come in orange, orange or orange Smile
They are selling for R50 each

we can arrange postage to any where in the country and have plenty of stock
Good colour ! Big Grin
Can you ship 3 to Holland?
And if so,can I pay through paypal?

Take care,Daan
i can post them through and you can pay through paypal
our paypal email address is <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> for when you make the payment
Send some to the Saamtrek. No I mean bring some with you! Big Grin
Youll remember about me Dean?

do you want some caps as well Izan ?
Yes Dean, thats what i mean... Keep two please.. My order list is getting long hey Dean ;-)
We better start keeping book of things..

Hi Dean!!

I`d like one,if you can get in touch in PM about that and parts please ;-)

My computer crashed,I mean,I helped it a little bit with a wrench through the screen.... :mrgreen:
Waiting for a new one,I squat my girlfriend`s one when I can.

All the best

sure will do
Hi Dean,
I'd like two please, can I have them in orange? Tongue I am also looking for the gear lever bushes for a sysncro? If you have can you give a cost I can then collect over the weekend with the caps?
Thanx Rob.
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