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The WBX6 is a 6 cylinder engine. Volkswagen developed the engine fo the T3 and rumours say they also planned to put it in the passat.
But before the development was finished they decided the market for these engines was too small.
They were already developing it together with the Friedrichsdorf based volkswagen tuner Okrasa (Oettinger). This company was one of the very first to tune VW beetle engines. Oettinger decided to finish the development themselves and one could either buy T3’s with an Oettinger straight from the factory as having it converted later.

The WBX6 is the biggest waterboxer ever put in a volkswagen.
The engine was build on the basic of the WBX-4 engine, engine code "DJ", that Oettinger extented from 4 to 6 cylinder.
That means, most (not all) of the spare parts are equal the WBX-4.
The large parts (engine block, cylinderheads, distributor) are OE parts. Your workshop must use the WBX-4 Rep manual.
Rebuilding can still be done at Oettinger in Friedrichsdorf, Germany.

There were two types of engines, the 3.2 and the 3.7.
The 3.2 with catalyctic convertor had 140 HP, without the catalyctic convertor the engine had 165 HP. Both were put in the 2WD and in the syncro.
The 3.7 had 180HP. This engine was only used in the 2WD transporters.

Spark plugs: Champion N6BYC, Bosch W5DTC, BERU 14L-5DTU
Ignition point: 27° before TDC at 4.000/min
Idle speed: 850/min +/- 50/min
CO-content: 0,4 +/- 0,2 Vol.-% (please disconnect the camhousing
outlet-air-tube and connect it for fresh air intake)
Oil change mass: approx. 5.5 l with filter change
Fuel: 98 RON unleaded

Ignition sequence : 1-6-2-4-3-5

Note :
The WBX6 has nothing to do with porsche 6 cilinder engines.
However, Porsche also build 9 busses, the famous Porsche B32..
They had a porsche interior and the porsche badges on it. In fact these cars were on paper not even volkswagens but Porsches.
Then there was also the German company Claer who build 46 6 cilinder T3’s with porsche engines. Claer is still in business doing T4 and T5 porsche conversions
That motor looks like my Oettinger 6 motor, even has the same red plug leads and the earth cable to the intake. looks good though
Oettinger also did a 2.4 4 cylinder engine for the T3.
Hi Russel, we got them here as well market here as 2.5 though, had the longer stroke crank and bigger pistons, parts are hard to find, the bigger 6 probally has the larger pistons as well, we only got the 3.2 six here, and apparently only 55 wbx kits were imported.
syncromad it is a pic of your engine, found it online
Thought so Dean,
There's a guy in Wonderboom who has a WBX Six in a VW Squareback.

I am in love.
hi Ilyaas

Sounds like it will be wild, would love to see it though,

Stuart we should go and see the car sometime as he's not too far out, he has another VW that I'm after....we can go and check it out
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