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Hi Guy's

I have asked this before on other forums but who know's how many RHD 16" syncro's were built and in what format I do kow that a few 16" doka's were special order for The UK and a few made it to Australia.

I have a 16" rhd Caravelle C, that came with a 1.6TD motor it has AC and PS and a OEM spare carrier on the right rear, but it has a very basic grey interior, almost military. I want to fit a 45 degree 2.0i to it and have already fitted front locker diff which it never had. I also have a grey Caravelle interior to fit in it, and have fitted SA twin head light grill and the SA steel bumpers.

I need to make a week to work on it and get it up and running, although it is fully licensed etc.

I may also sell it if i get the right money for it.

Please let me know what ever you can about 16" production figures etc

Thanks stuart
I know of 4 RHD 16 dokas and 2 RHD 16 window vans [ including ures] and one panel van.
Your interior trim sounds like it was a caravelle CL. All vans in europe with windows and seats in the rear were marketed as caravelle's. Not like in
SA were the top of the range is a caravelle. You had the CL which was the basic [ rubber mats, no carpet] then the GL which had arm rests and carpeted then the carrat which
was the top of the range.This was a 6 seater. All the extras such as EW, PS, EM,SL, air-con were optional extras at extra cost.
The production figures that have been doing their rounds for many years now dont include the SA, Japan Aus. production "assembly" numbers.
Thanks Russel,

i do know it was a special order for the German diplomatic services, badge on the Rear says Caravelle C, rubbermats, grey plaid upholstery still in really good nick, 8 seater as per your description.

It did duty in India, Russia and SA, where i found it in a breakers yard a few years ago with no gearbox etc, oe motor is there but make a hell of a noise and the 1.6 TD is a bit "Pap" with out the 6.17 diff ratios. also never has a front locker, we fitted a front 5.43 locker diff and i have a gearbox as well, i bought a starter for it from you when we visited in 2008.

2 moddles i left out are the C this has vinyl seats and the club caravelle. This had rear seat that folds into bed [ R/R seat] Then of course all the westy models.
As 1 vehicle goes the T3 must have the largest variety of models in any vehicle that has been available. As well as having so many different companies mod-ding them
in the aftermarket side.
Hi all
just heard that there may well be 5x more RHD 16" syncro's, all special order vehicles.

Where are they
will let you know as soon as i have all the details, but can say, they are in Africa. we may have to go and buy them, think 3 may be for sale soon, but still trying to find out all the details first.
Pardon the ignorant question, but what is a 16" Syncro?
A syncro 16 is the term used for the heavy duty syncros that were made. 16 comes from having 16inch wheels from the factory. They have extra body strengthing in variouse places,bigger rear drums,longer trailing arms,bigger front disks,different crown wheel and pinion ratios. Moddles with front diff locks had bigger front outer CV joints etc.
hi Ilyaas
the one under my carport and the LHD camper are both 16" syncro's , come have a look some time.

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