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Full Version: 2.5i 5 Cylinder Syncro
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Here is a letter sent to the previous owner of my 5 cylinder bus
thought it would interest a few people
Hi Dean

Nice, can you email me a copy, as the owner of the other 2.5 just asked me about it, he has also just joined the group.

sure email coming through soon
Thanks Dean

very interesting , just noticed now that that letter is from Gordon's dad, Keith Craig.

mad, do you think he knew what he was talking about ?
Yes dean,

he worked with them Building the Aftermarket syncro's. he was also involved with the testing etc of the replacement engines and his Wife still has on of the 1993 2.0 prototype big window buses aswell. also white but now with a 2.0i Long block motor, upright mounted.

apparently according to Gordon it has had a few test motors, from 1.8 carb 45degree, 2.0 carb 45 degree and 2.0i up right which they found best out of the 4 cyl motors.

VW of SA had also considered the Oettinger 6 as a replacement for the 2.1, but then ended up using the 2,5i 5 cl as it was cheaper and they felt more reliable.

Hi Dean , kindly email me ( ) a copy of the attachment as I am unable to open-up same . Regards , Henrie.
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