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Electric Mechanism - deanace - 08-19-2014 11:22 AM

Hi all

i have brand new drivers side electric window mechanisms in stock
they are just the mechanism without the motor attached

the price is R1450 incl
these are replacement parts but have been tested and work very well

give me a shout if you need


RE: Electric Mechanism - derekace - 08-20-2014 09:05 AM

Available in Cape Town too at Ace Auto. ( 021 ) 981 - 3867 or ( 021 ) 981 - 4718

RE: Electric Mechanism - johanhorak - 10-26-2014 02:03 PM


I have a syncro (in Simonstown) but the driver side window is not working as it should.

It goes down but up it stops 1/2 way up.

I had a look by removing the panel but could not see anything as I was not too interested in pulling the wiring apart.

I was wondering if you can give me advice.