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4x4 ATV club outing - syncromad - 05-23-2011 07:35 PM

Hi All

The 4x4 ATV club is having there monthly outing to Rhino park on sunday 29 May, we meet at 8:45 am at the Global Nissan dealer in hatfield pretoria, 1290 Pretorius Street, hatfield, it is the garage just before the Highway, when exiting pretoria from Schoeman street, or coming in from the witbank highway. cost for non members is R 150-00 for the day.

i will be there in the "Thingcro" should have it fixed by wed, need to test it before the Next Fundi in June.

Apparently there are some really steep obstacles, this is a mixed vehicle event so bring your mates with their 4x4's as well.

Stuart 083 629 9951

Re: 4x4 ATV club outing - syncromad - 05-30-2011 08:10 AM

Sunday's outing was great, there were 2x syncro's there. the trail was really nice but long to get 30 plus vehicles through.

They had some extreme sections but all had by passes. we did all the hard sections in the "Thingcro" but sometimes now am starting to wonder if the cheaper route is better. we all know what a syncro can do off road and they are great to play with but dents, parts etc are getting expensive.

The other syncro was a stock suspension-ed, 14" caravelle with a ford V6 fitted, he was using it on a trail for the first time, Jeep man he his, but was amazed at what his syncro could do off road.

The jeep Wranglers and Rubicons as usual mad even the toughest Obstacles look like tar roads.

The ATV club is really worth Joining as we have a Mixed vehicle attitude, with all makes and models welcome and the Guys are always friendly and helpful. we have a meeting every month with discounted entry fees, get a monthly magazine and have access to Rust de Winter campsite just 90Km north of Pretoria, they also arrange trips away during the year, One can also get VHF radios at a really discounted price through them.

Outing are always good fun and usually include places like Gerotek with the skid pan and the military test facility always great fun. There is also the jamboree which is a family orientated weekend of great fun and awesome obstacles and the mountain route aswell.

if any one is interested in joining please contact the ATV club secretary, Rina on 082 990 4364

we are currently 5x syncro's in the club but would love more to join us,