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Gear Linkage adjustment?
02-04-2016, 04:55 PM
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Gear Linkage adjustment?

Well versed with t3s so no real dramas but just have one simple Q!

My '99 2.3 SA import (in the UK) has a rubbish gearchange that needs adjusting. 1+3 gear leaves the gearstick upright, 2 and 4 are a long way 'back'. In 4th the gearstick is actually hiiting the corner of the drivers seat.

I had a quick look the other day at work but both the ramps were in use so had to look whilst laid on the floor!

I undid the pinch bolt on the linkage that is just behind the fuel tank. To get the gearstick more 'upright' i obviously have to slide the splined male part of the front rod further into the female part on the back rod.

With me so far?Big Grin

It wouldnt push in any further than it was thoughHuhHuhHuh i then seperated the rods and felt inside the female splined part of the back rod and could feel a small step in it, hence why the male part wouldnt push in further.

Now we get to my question.....................Big Grin

Do SA buses have two or three rods? I was thinking maybe there was another slip joint infront of the tank that isnt fully seated, leaving the total length of the rods from stick to box too long?

If there is only two rods, is it possible someone has used a different/wrong rod to replace a broken one?

If there is only two rods, the only way i can see to get the gearstick back to where it should be is to take a few mm off the splined male part with a 50mm roloc/grinding disc or to remove the rear rod completely and take a die grinder to the step inside.

I dont *think* the rear/female part has been welded/repaired , but as i say, was squeezed underneath on my back so didnt have best of views.

Hope i explained this clear enough.


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02-06-2016, 02:04 PM
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RE: Gear Linkage adjustment?
Big thanks to Russell for the text.

Looks like there is a possibility someone has replaced the rear section with a euro one.

Can someone measure the length of the rear shift rod for me on a five cylinder? Total length from behind cup to other end.

Thanks in advance.
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