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T3 nut from Hawai'i and France
08-20-2011, 09:09 PM
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T3 nut from Hawai'i and France
Aloha everybody!

I'm Alex,but everybody calls me Alika.
I've been invited on this forum by Deanace through the Samba forum.
I'm quite excited,I love South African buses and for years now,I've been hunting informations specifically to SA models.That's kinda hard to find decent detailled ones.But I got it :ugeek:
I'm glad there is finally a T25 Syncro forum for SA 8-)
My avatar in based on Turbobus /John Conchie,who (RIP) was from your country.I'm actually putting together his work and any documentation I can find before too late.I'm actually talking to Alpine,they're very nice people there who are digging in archives to find, hopefully ,nice informations.

I live in Hawai'i,I was born here but grew up in France mostly.
Back there,I still have a Hannover Edition 2WD on which I installed a Devon pop roof and 1.9 TDI with a home made mechanical pump and other goodies,like watercooled turbo,intercooler,oil by pass system hybrid T3/Audi 80 1.9TD AAZ,Jaguar 4 piston calipers on front etc....


I'm also a very active member on,the French forum,since I got my first piece of crap in 2002.Since then,I drive exclusively T25's as a personnal car.You mean stoked? :lol:

I moved to Hawai'i 3 years ago now,with my little Jack Russell surfer dog,my suitcase and 2 surfboards,I bought my present Westfalia the following day of my arrival,a 1987 model in which I lived 2 years an a half while working full time.That was a bless!!

I then converted it last february with a EJ22Subaru engine and a Renault 25 UN1 transaxle imported by mail in pieces from France Wink
I fear nothing when it comes to get what I need for my van :lol:
Here's the link to the Samba <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> that's the reason why I posted it on there,because it can be seen internationnally,which it's not the case on
I'm rather proud of the few innovations I discovered on that combo swap,which was the first ever done apparently.

When I did that swap,it was for having a reliable van to travel down to South America,bomb proof.
Then,I found on the classifieds a Syncro,which are pretty rare in Hawai'i,specially at 2500 USD (18K ZAR)

I was tormented for a few hour,and BANG,I pulled the trigger,that's my dream,I can let it pass :mrgreen:

I will put the pictures from the US forum,but I can't edit the subject to copy and paste the codes and text,so I'll have to do that later from the french forum for the pics,and the text from the US forum.Little patience please Wink

Allright,congratulations to the mom and it's newborn Syncro forum and long life to that unbeatable community Big Grin Big Grin

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08-20-2011, 10:58 PM
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Re: T3 nut from Hawai'i and France
Welcome to the Syncro SA forum Alika and thanks for the interesting story!

There was a nice T3 Transporter Double Cab (Doka) for sale in Hawaii a while back, but now I am not sure what island it was on. Being quite a rare sight in the United States, I'm sure someone snapped this one up quite quickly.

Attached File(s)
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.jpg  2764042.jpg (Size: 56.96 KB / Downloads: 39)
.jpg  2764043.jpg (Size: 56.24 KB / Downloads: 39)
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08-21-2011, 02:18 AM
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Re: T3 nut from Hawai'i and France
Hi Nico!

thank you!

I've never seen this one around,I'm quite good at spotting them,and I've seen all them at least once on O'ahu.

I've seen the same as this one recently for the first time,but it was metallic grey.It might be possible that it has been repainted.
There a couple other ones,an orange one with Porsche engine,was for sale 25000$,didn't see it for a while,might have been sold,it was in the neighbourhood.
There are 2 brown ones,and a blue/white also with a nice rack on top.

I'm working on the pics for my thread also,but can't stop reading stuff here all over the place :lol:
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08-21-2011, 03:06 AM
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Re: T3 nut from Hawai'i and France
Here they are,pics and text from original postings on other forums:

The Syncro pics I got from the vendor

[Image: mini_10111503392273959.jpg]
leaky hoses,but I don't care,engine will get out

[Image: mini_101115034053579310.jpg]
[Image: mini_101115034127788070.jpg]
[Image: mini_10111503460224214.jpg]

[Image: mini_101115034641896138.jpg]
ouin Yellow_Flash_Colorz_PDT_13
[Image: mini_101115034757854464.jpg]
ouin 2 Yellow_Flash_Colorz_PDT_13
[Image: mini_1011150350408030.jpg]

[Image: mini_101115035123763646.jpg]

[Image: mini_101115045437880438.jpg]
rusty gutter,another one on the rear,not to bad

[Image: mini_101115045553610642.jpg]
fixing with bits...

[Image: mini_101115045713834477.jpg]

[Image: mini_101116035620547734.jpg]

[Image: mini_101116035901356392.jpg]

[Image: mini_10111603593461242.jpg]

[Image: mini_101116040005140381.jpg]

I went on the Big Island buying the van on November 23rd 2010:
Woke up at 3.30amI've parked my westy van about a solid mile away from the airport to avoid parking racket,I took the longboard skate to get there and almost got a flat tire (see funny picture with a nail in my skateboard wheel below)at the terminal
Take off 5.05,landing in Hilo at 5.55,I'm outside the gate at 6.10

I spoke with my fellow passengers to try to get a ride to the seller's house 15 miles or so away,unsuccessfully.
Whatever,I skate to the main road,I'm sure I'll find somebody to pick me up there.
Damn,there is too many crossroads here,nobody will pick me up,that's not a strategic place for hitch hiking....
Nevermind,I keep skating a few miles to get out of the city,until a traffic light:I wait for 2 redlihts with no success:awright!! I have a plane to catch at noon,let's skate and not loose time!!
I keep riding with my thumb up,nobody seems to care....The pavement is good and at least it doesn't rain!!
I came accross a guy at a stop sign perpendicularly,asked him if he could give me a ride,that jerk almost told me to get the fuck out!!Ass hole!!

Ok,after that hill,I know it's going down a little bit,I mind as well keeping iding Thumb and arm up.Nobody stops....
I finally came at Keeau.What???!!! Already?? I double check the google itinerary,it stays get from the 11 to the 130.I stop to drink a bit,then keep skating about 2 miles and finally a guy stopped to pick me up:a nice hippie carpenter,he dropped me at Orchidland drive,Paradise drive is just about 200 yards away,I keep skating,and then,woah!!Super cool vision!!
The road goes down for miles towards the ocean on the volcano slope,straight and smooth pavement:yeeeeha!!Let's have a break riding downhill.
I did a bit more than 2.6 miles with almost never touching the ground:awesome
7.20am,I'm in front of the owner's house (1.25 hours to reach that place ,about 14 miles from the airport:eh,not bad!!)

[Image: mini_101124033524986833.jpg]

[Image: mini_101124033520842877.jpg]

I check the syncro,outside and underneath mostly:nearly rust free,rust free underneath,but as I was scared,no freaking rear locker,I knew it!!
The knob is at the dash,the vaccum hoses are all here,the light stays all the time On when ignition is ON,the transmission codes are matching my list :AAK on the rear,ACU on the front.I'm sure it has been replaced,the front one still has some black paint,it looks brand new,turns smooth with the hand.I'm very disappointed,but hard to talk the price down since other people are ready to buy it 1000$ more... and I'm coming with the plane.
I think the guy don't even know what a locker is
He did it safety check ready,fixed the collant hoses leaks
Plates are in storage.
I put some water in the coolant circuit and load the spare parts in the van.
I follow him to town,he has a dentist appointment at 10 am,and I'm driving with carboard plates with the old numbers,I got it insured though.
I wanted to drive it with my westy plates to not attract cops like flies by honey,but since I got it insured,I left the papers in the westy in Honolulu/

[Image: mini_101124033541443180.jpg]

We stopped at the safety check to get the blue paper,I start the van to back it up in the garage,the hose under the AC compressor blew...
We pull it out,luckily he has a new one in his van ,I do what I can with my right armin a splint,damn it,it's freaking hot!!!!!

I looked at the hose:some special recovery tape,and high temperature red RTV inside (yeah ,right?You KNEW that,that was not the 2 leaky hoses that we talked about)
At least it occured with him present,I got a new hose....I filled the engine with water,and try to start but the engine is not idling good and keeps dying....I pull the AFM plug in and out,it works,but he decides that better to give me a ride to the DMV.

It's almost 10am,we are getting late,and the lady is being difficult:my signature is not like the other one,bla bbla bla:yeah ,right? Don't you see I sign with a splint??Stupid !!
She asked me for my driver's license (and now I realize that I don't have it,since I changed my mind to bring the papers of the other vanagon,my license stayed with it....)
She got the passport instead to calm her down.
Time to pay now:sorry,we only take cash or checks (what millenium are we living in already?what country??)
Ok,I've askd the PO to give me back a bank note so I can pay the registration.
We go back to the safety check,put the plates on it with fence wire,I got the tags,here we go!!
Almost 10 am,we head to the harbor so I can drop the syncro:sorry sir,you can't drive on the harbor without a driver's license!!

Aaaaargh!!!!!!!! I gotta take a plane in less than 2 hours,I have to drop this van,look,it's just there!!
I called back the PO,he came back in a few minutes,dropped the van for me and left.

Lucky...the rest went smooth since I prepared everything.I took some pics for the forum:
I go back to safety check,put on the plates and here I go!![Image: mini_101124034740994406.jpg]

Interieur marron [Image: mini_101124034711257644.jpg]
[Image: mini_101124041136303399.jpg]

[Image: mini_101124041055343124.jpg]
Light stays ON all the time,it doesn't makes sense,there is no locker....
[Image: mini_10112404115051168.jpg]

[Image: mini_101124041345110451.jpg]

[Image: mini_101124041503611957.jpg]
HMG 505,I got a pretty nice play of words for it:Hawaiian Magnum Gadget (Magnum because of the paint it will get :geek: )

11.20 am,I'm back at the airport,I took a cat nap in these nice sofas:that's my preferred airport!!!
I got to skate back to it,uphill,got cramps in my thye...lost skin between toes,and got a total of 17.6 miles of skating that day (x1.6 KM)

[Image: mini_101125012952879881.jpg]

[Image: mini_101124041638735510.jpg]
[Image: mini_101124041632774718.jpg]

"J'adore quand une mission se dÃroule sans accrocs"

I gotta find a way to unlock and access to other codes and text through a moderator or something,it's gonna take me forever otherwise. :lol:

I got text on different postings in France,and the pics alltogether on the samba here for those who don't want to wait Wink
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... t=hawaiian</a><!-- m -->
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08-21-2011, 09:37 PM
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Re: T3 nut from Hawai'i and France
got the video embedded,it works now :oops:
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