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Fuel Gauge Damper
05-30-2017, 09:46 PM
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Fuel Gauge Damper
Hi people,

My fuel gauge swings around a lot depending on the gradient of the road and I am looking for a solution.

I saw this thread about a Fuel Gauge Damper.

I have managed to buy one from VW but can't work out how to fit it.
Does anyone have any information please?

My fuse box looks like the one at the bottom of that thread.
My bus is an 86 so I'm worried that my fuse box might not be of the right generation for this damper.

The V/BK wire hits pin 10 of the Black connector.
The Fuel Gauge damper has 3 pins on it and I was told that it is probably some kind of capacitor that needs to be connected in parallel over the V/BK wire.

From googling I know that the fuel gauge sender is a rheostat and that the Fuel Gauge probably works on 0 to 10V. This makes sense since I see about 5V on the V/BK wire about half a tank.

Has anyone ever taken their fuse box apart?
If I did that, I could see which "relay" pins, if any, were linked to Black pin 10.

I could also just install this damper directly in parallel over the V/BK wire.
2 pins to form the parallel circuit, and one going to ground? But which of the 3 pins on the damper? I am out of knowledge...


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06-22-2017, 11:28 PM (This post was last modified: 06-22-2017 11:38 PM by andrewrobinson.)
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RE: Fuel Gauge Damper
So I ended up fitting the damper directly over the fuel gauge terminals, in parallel.
The fuel gauge, when mounted in the cluster, exposes two threaded terminals.
If c) is the terminal closest to the centre of the cluster and d) is the one closest to the side of the cluster (see attached image), I connected:

Pin 3 to Ground
Pin 2 to d)
Pin 1 to c)

It seems to work, but I need to do a bit of mileage first.
I just tried all permutations for connecting it and chose the one that seemed to work.
Sagren Pillay at Barons VW Cape Town knows how to order these dampers.

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