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Carnet de passages
04-27-2014, 12:27 PM
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RE: Carnet de passages
Hi guys,
I know I owe you something… shouldn’t only lurk around and benefit from your knowledge... but that’s how it is if you are just a layman…

Anyway… in 2012 I asked the forum for information on exporting a Syncro from SA to Tanzania… I did it actually successfully and can here report my findings:
- All info from ITAC, SARS and AA were incomplete and incorrect;
- Procedure was relatively easy and required only the following papers:
1. Contract between seller and buyer certified by a police officer,
2. Affidavit by seller authorising buyer to drive Syncro across borders and finally register it in Tanzania,
3. ‘Motor vehicle (export/import) clearance’ form filled and certified at police station (took 20 min) at no cost, they have the form there;
4. Certified copy of SA vehicle registration form.
- With the 4 papers and without Carnet de passage I crossed from SA via Namibia and Zambia into Tanzania; at the borders I had normal customs procedures with road taxes, temporary insurance but no import/export hassles except into Tanzania where I was so silly to mention that I wanted to import the car. That took me several hours to convince them that I could not pay the import tax (5,000 USD) on the spot.
- Currently I am still driving the SA registration and have to renew a so-called ‘Foreign vehicle permit’ every 3 months. It is actually meant for visitors. I ‘misuse’ it coz I don’t want to pay import tax as I may take the Syncro to Zambia this year. Tanzania does not have a ‘procedure’ for private cars imported temporarily and exported on conclusion of owner’s contract.
- Please take note that procedure may be only applicable for SADC countries!

If this helps anybody it would be nice… and I am available to answer further queries on the topic…
Ciao Hajo
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