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Essentials for long trip
06-01-2011, 12:03 PM
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Essentials for long trip
Syncro: Packing list

1 radiator hoses & clamps: 40mm 32mm 20mm
2 V- belts
3 Alternator bearings & brush kit
4 Water pump
5 Spare CV
6 CV bolts & splined socket
7 Electrical wire
8 Spare remote & battery
9 Front CV head
10 Electrical wire, fuses
11 Binding wire
12 Jumper cables
13 Tow rope
14 Brake master cylinder
15 Clutch master & slave cylinder
16 Fuel hose
17 Puncture repair kit, tyre levers
18 Jack, wheelspanner
19 Tools
20 Accelerator cable
21 Clutch thrust bearing
22 Silicone sealant
23 Propshaft U-joint bearings
24 Tyre pump & pressure guage
25 Oil
26 Fuel pump
27 Duct tape, wondertape
28 Pratley steel and Pratley putty

If you are really leaving civilisation, Stuart suggest the following additional:
1x full service kit, ie filters plugs and oil, anti freeze
500ml atf
500ml brake fluid
1 litre gearbox oil
set of globes

Syncro: Long trip checklist

1 Check cv boots
2 Check steering rack boots
3 Lubricate propshaft
6 Check cv bolts
7 Check when cambelt last replaced
8 Do battery capacity check (charge &check with SG meter).
9 Check difflocks (vacuum system)
10 Normal service i.e. oil, filters etc.
11 Check condition of vbelts
12 Check lights, wiper blades
13 Propshaft U-joints
14 Check disc pads

Need for moz

2x triangles
safty jackets
blue/ yellow sticker if towing
copies of your drivers licence, never give original
cars papers with certified copies

It's not just a 4x4, it's a Syncro........
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06-01-2011, 02:15 PM
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Re: Essentials for long trip
hi Enkie

i would add as well,
a tube rated for your tyre size
tubeless puncture repair kit
i would check all earth wires before the trip as it can cause the harnees to melt if bad. we had this in Lesotho.

and never for get a decent fire extinguisher, my camper caught fire in Namibia, with out it we would be less one 16" syncro camper


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Bad planning on your part does not make your issue an crisis to me
Bad workmanship by other garages does not entiltle you to better rates at me
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