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Full Version: Gud Z88G or Z167??
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Which one is the right one to fit onto the WBX engine?

Also why as they both seem to fit?

(This is a question posed by Chris on Yahoo site....why I still battle to understand)

I recall in previous discussion backpressure is an issue?

The one I always buy is: BCR/ 070 115 561
as izan says use the VW one, it is correct, both the other are not correct, fine in an emergency but the VW one is cheap as the others, just keep a spare in the syncro
The genuine VW BCR 070 115 561 filters are the trusted ones. Main problem, they are becoming very scarce. :shock: :shock: I just ordered and received 2 from Dean at ACE and his supplier had only 4 in stock. I also tried 5 agents (Lindsey Saker, Barons, Hatfield) in the Sandton area and none of them had stock. So, if you can get them, buy all you can afford. Someone will always take them of your hands.... Big Grin Big Grin

Went to buy filter at Philwest Somerset West.R68 for a filter,not in stock.Ordered three.400 in stock at main depot.Have to pay for 3!!!!before delivery..WTF!!!!Do they have a cashflow problem?I thought the customer is king and as a proud supporter of a VW product how can I pay for something I do not have yet??

Hey man.

Unhappy customer for sure.. :cry:
hi Hans,

your dealer is a chop, i just ordered and received 10 from my dealer, ok i buy a lot from them, i always have a few in stock, i order on wed and received and paid yesterday.

i would complain to the dealer principle if i was you,

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