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Full Version: Clutch sleeve cylinder..
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Hi Guys, I have 2.5 t3 standard bus not syncro . I need to change my clutch sleeve cylinder and the the small one behind the pedal and front wheel looking for the part numbers for the people with EKTA please assist..
look at
Hi Izak is it the same for South African buses...if I get the part numbers will definitely look at various options or alternate part numbers
Hi i think that is the vw heritage part no
You are looking for a clutch master cylinder, same on all T3 buses, slave cylinder is on the gearbox
actually will put both but the part no want most for the slave cylinder on gearbox.
slave cyl is the same as well, i can get stock if you need on both, PM me
Hi guys, if anybody needs it, the part numbers are 251 721 401A for master and 251 721 263A LD1 for the slave. Feel free to contact me for any part numbers required at Ace Auto in Cape Town ( 021 ) 917 - 1968 .

Oh and the LD1 part number is only for South Africa
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