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Full Version: More pics of the VW day
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Some more pics, i see I have an authentic boerie-roll smudge on the bottom right hand corner of all the photographs from my lens, I guess one could see it as adding to the flavour of the event
some more
A few more and then my batteries ran out, I had 3 batteries with me and after the 1st one went i realised the others had no charge either, how stupid :oops:

The beetles were the most attractive and amazing I thought, i would love to re do one one day.

The two military looking ones, earlier in the post, were made in 1961 and 1962 and are actually replicas of some made in the 1930's during the war of which only two originals remain apparently. One is owned by an American collector and the other was given to Hitler for one of his birthdays and today is in a museum in Wolfsburg.

That "rubbish" looking old Kombi actually drove in by itself and the motor ran well, but the body work :lol:
Thanx for the great pics, (including the smudge) so long as it tasted good Wink I just love some of those old models and would love to rebuild a splittie or some such!
Beutiful poeple and cars wellbone
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