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Hi Syncro's

We unfortunately outgrew the previous forum board we were on and due to technical problems had to move over to this new better faster forum.

There will be a few teething problems but we hope to sort them out as soon as the arise.
For the moment the pictures uploaded by members from the old forum do not work but we are trying our best to get them up ASAP.

If there are any queries please use this thread and we tell us what you think of the new forum.

An exciting new feature is the calendar but you can expect many more to come in the near future.

SyncroSA Admin Team
It looks good Dean. Still trying to find all the buttons I was used to on the old forum, but I'm sure it will all be familiar in no time.
well done dean it looks good. my offer still stands about the forum , just let me know.
looking good, now i an sort out the Zim Saamtrek post again
Looks awesome Dean, I like it.
Demmit! I had a groot skrik when I opened the forum just now.
Looking Good!!!
Looks good Dean. Thanks for all the hard work to make this possible
So happy everyone is enjoying the new forum!!!!

I'll be adding some posts throughout the week highlighting some of the key features.

Shout if anyone encounters problems.


Wow, I am LOVING this new look we have. Great job guys!!
My time and date is not right on the forum page (bottom right ) mine shows 12-10-2013 5.29 am at11h31 local time
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