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Full Version: Golf 2.0 engine conversion (2.1 stroker with TDi crank)
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Im looking for bits and pieces to start my engine conversion.

Please contact me if you have anything related to this project that you might want to get rid of ;-)

I already have the following:
ECU & wiring
Engine mount bars(sleeping engine)
TDi crank
Coilpack(im not going to run a distributor)

Im still looking for:
Complete ADY/AGG engine or

ADY/AGG Engine block
Sump(sleeping engine)
Golf motor adapter
Air cleaner(preferably the type used by VW in these kind of conversions... It must connect to the snorkel)
some parts you will also need...

oil pick up
water pipes
dip stick and tube
acc cable
Thanks Dean, do you have any?

I see the AFW motor can also work
yes have everything, when are you coming to visit
Where are you guys getting these conversion kits from? I would love to stuff a golf 1.8 in my westy but I have no idea who sells these kits.

You guys over in SA seem to be able to swap anything you want into these things where over here in the states we seem to be stuck with wayyyyyyy overpriced conversion kits which I am not willing to take chances with.

Can someone point me in the right direction on where I can get these kits shipped over here. I can't import ANY engine from SA unless its 1989 or older and even that stands a chance of getting hung up at customs but I can import the transmission kit etc....

Thanks Dave
Hi Dave
All the engines we use here are available in the US. You chaps actually have a bigger and much cheaper choice than us for the vanagon.
If you are after an adapter kit to fit the 4 cylinder inline vw engine then you can contact Grilo engineering.
I don't know if they export or not.
I don't send parts abroad anymore.
Hi, just did a VW AGG 8v sleeper conversion into 89 Syncro. Want to make sure I get the engine Oil capacity and dipstick levels correct. I have the sharp ended alu sump.

Does this sump capacity differ from the std golf motor?

How do I determine the High/Low marks on the dipstick?

Tom 0732668728
I have the 2.1 bent dipstick in mine. Standard marks seem ok, but I've always had my lurking doubts. It supposedly takes 4.5l, but I put in 5l with a new filter.

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