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Full Version: 2.1 WBX Turbo project
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Anyone here ever done a nice strong 2.1 WBX Turbo engine?
I started off with a good 1.9 DG with Dellorto and Turbo in my bug, then stroked to 2.1 but keep breaking ringlands due to detonation, while I'm opening her up to replace the piston has anyone got any ideas to make her go even faster and harder?
Appreciate any recommendations and ideas, thx's,
Your compression Ratio is too high, you need to get that right,

then fuel injection will add a few Hp as well.
I suggest you get hold of Bugger via a PM. He is based in Primrose, Germiston and works mainly on WBX .
good luck
HI Juan

We actually had Wossener in Germany Make us special Pistons for WBX with smaller Guideon pins and lower Compreesion at around 8:1 I think I did mention it to you before but Pricey

Try and find an Original Oettinger counter Weighted 2,1 Crank speak to Garrin at Volkspares as he is the Wossener Agent in SA to Order you a set at around R12K
Then proper heads you will make around 350Hp on 1-1.5 Bar Boost
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