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Full Version: Accessories and parts
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Want to create your beast to maximum performance

Here is some parts available so that you can drive a faultless Syncro and drive with proud.

Recon box

Bull Bar ( Big One around head lights)
Nudge bar design for Syncro
Front Diff
15 Inch Brake systems including
Calipers, brake pads, brake disc, spacers, brake pipes.
120/140 amp alternators
Fuel pumps 2L AND 2.1L

Left hand spare wheel carrier

Cluster gear
10.15 mm rear spares
Heavy duty springs
LCAB lower arm arn bushes

Create the beast and call Francois at 082 659 2779 or email Juan at

For the love of Syncro's
Hi Juan
Post prices so we have an idea what we are in for
I LIKE the sticker!!!!!
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