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Full Version: Removal of Cox Camper High Roof to fix Rust in Gutters
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Hi there fellow Syncronauts. I decided on a new thread as I am not getting the expected enthusiastic response to my enquiry (extension of my introduction)

So is there anyone that can tell me how the roof is secured. I see about 6 rivets on each side of the uppermost stepped portion of the roofo. It appears as if this secures to the top of cabinets. I cannot see any further fixtures to keep it in place. The tin roof/rain channels where the fibre roof is typically epoxied to the van body is completely rusted away. This is what I want to get to to do a good repair.

Can anyone tell whether the rivets as well as the only epoxy/sealant are the only things that is keeping the high roof on? I do not wish to cause any further damage to the internal cabinets/upholstery/ carpeting than I have too. Please advise. All suggestions and advice are welcome.
Ken's (who owned cox camper) approach to fitting the roof was as such. They made a scrim that fitted the original combi roof skin but all the parts cut ot that was not needed. Then they placed Taison the roof, brew lines. Around everything that was to be cut. Cut out unwanted steel, then bonded the skin to the leftover roof. The high top was then place on top of this and the 2 were fibre glassed together.
It is quite a job to remove this roof. I did one back in 2000. All cupboard need removing then you need to seperate the roof from the fibre glass skin. Itchy cutting. Then carefully remove the skin from the steel roof. On syncros the hightop was made with extra glass to be stronger than the 2wd version for lesser body twisting.
Hope this help you a bit.
Russel, A big Thank you for the reply. It is really appreciated.
Please clarify your feedback. For it to make a little more sense, I am assuming that "scrim" should read skin, "Taison"- this on and brew be drew? Interpreted this way, does this mean that they (Ken/Cox) provided a 2nd steel skin which was bonded(welded?) to the existing leftover roof-skin and thereafter fibre-glassed together? Is Ken on the Syncro forum or otherwise contactable?

I have checked for this and cannot see any evidence of this on inspection of my vehicle. Having said this, it appears that the bulk of the roof-skin is rusted. You say you had to remove the cabinets. Did you also encounter the 6 rivets each side I referred to that secures the cabinets to the roof? Can you advise other cabinet fixtures and where they are. Kind regards. Ierfaan
Scrim (noun) - strong, coarse fabric, chiefly used for heavy-duty lining or upholstery.
Sorry about this. Not proof reading what I had wrote.
Scrim should read skin.
The skin that was to be bonded to the original steel roof was already cut to size and shape. Then placed on top of the steel roof (syncro roof) used as a template to mark where to cut. Removed so that the steel could be cut and then bonded back onto the left over steel. This provided a fibre glass surface to glass the high top to.
Hope it makes better sense now.

Yes you do need to remove the 6 rivets. I can't remember we're all the other screws were. I did this almost 16 years ago.
Ken is not on this forum and dosent use computers or internet much.
Thanks Russel. It makes a more sense now. With this further knowledge I feel a 'little' more confident. I guess I have to proceed and learn thrugh the process as I see no other alternative if I want to save this bus. I found further securing rivets along the same line through the roof into the cabinets above the front seats, as well as where the roof meets the tailgate.
For anybody that is interested, check out metalmicky's repair in the attached link.

Sorry guys. Here is correct link.
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