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Full Version: 14' rims to 15' merc rims?
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I'm thinking of getting a set of Merc rims (W124)

PCD: 5x112
centre bore: 66.6
offset: 49 compared to the original 25 offset.

How much difference will this make, will the sliding door open
and will the tyres clear the side of the arches?
et 49 will bring the wheel in more, not out, you need to find merc Et37 rims, they work 100%
I looked for original Rhein rims for a year, found a set and paid premium, and right after, as Murphy would have it, three sets of rims came up for sale.

Hang on and get originals. Definitely makes a difference. Frans in Uitenhage might still have a set available.

Forgot to add... and it just looks o so nice
lots of rims for sale on gumtree etc,
Thanks guys....would be great if I could get a set of steelies though.
Will have to wait.
Bought a set of Rheins on Gumtree recently at a bargain. Had them redone and painted. They came out very nice!

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