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Full Version: max tyre size on Syncro without rubbing
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So the day has arrived, I have to make up my mind which tyres to put on the bus. I got 15 " rims and would like to go for the largest tyre which fits without rubbing. The Syncro is not lifted and I really do not want to have rubbing issues on full lock. 2015/85R 15 have been mentioned some time ago.
Lastly which tyre? Continental World Contacts or Cross Contact? Syncro will be used 80% tar/commuting and 20 gravel with a long Botswana trip planned for next year. This year it is going to be Namibia with the mandatory drive into Soussousvlei.

Any recommendation on long lasting tyres are greatly appreciated.

Cheers Lars
you will have rubbing with any 15"tyre from 215/80 R15 on a std bus, rubbing is not on full lock it it on compression while turning,

it is only on the front, and usually only on one wheel,

to stop this get the wheel alignment set right by some one that knows the syncro not any wheel alignment place can do this,

a 30mm lift will stop 90% of rubbing,

rear there is no hassle with the correct offset rims,

stick to standard size tyres like 215/80 r15 or 245/75r15, other size tyres are hard to find in out of the way places, and generally thats when you need them

tyre make is a personal choice, world contacts or good year wranglers are nice,
Thank you Stuart.
Will get quotes for the Contis and Goodyears
I went with Goodyear Wranglers AT SA 215/80R15.
Looking good.
Good choice, I've got them and did sterling work in rough rock terrain top of mountain passes
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