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Full Version: Rear Racks
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I'm looking at making up a rear rack. Similar to this one on Russel's awesome Syncro but based around the ladders that I already make. One or two people have already expressed interest but I'd need a few more to make it viable. Anybody keen? Comments?

Hi Ian,

Can you explain a bit more? So the rack attaches to the rear door and opens simultaneously with the rear door? How does it attach? What pressure gas struts would you require to lift a rack with a jerry can and spare tyre?!

I like the idea to hold a jerry can etc, although I think our spare wheel carriers (most common type up here mounted to bumper extension) are a bit more centrally located across the rear door than Russell's in the pic. His looks very far to the side of the vehicle. So ours would just have to be a bit narrower perhaps. Needs proper measuring of course, just surmising, but in general I like the idea.
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