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Full Version: Syncro tech Whatts App group
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Hi All

i have a syncro tech Whatts app group, where we post syncro related stuff, ask questions, give advise etc,

i also have a syncro 4x4 trips WA group, where we post stuff about trips, pics of trips, trip planning, etc,

if you want to join either or both groups, send me a Whatts app with your name, tech or 4x4 or both, and a pic of your syncro... to me on 083 629 9951 or +2783 629 9951,

there are rules on the groups, if you don't abide by them you will be deleted, each new member will be send the rules via a pm.

if i have deleted you previously, i will give you a reprieve and re-add you if you like.

thanks Stuart
+2783 629 9951
Reminder if any one wants to join n please wa me on 0836299951
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