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Full Version: Syncro Caravelle For Sale
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About 5 years ago a bough a Syncro Caravelle from Adreno Van Wyk, Villiersdorp. One of his reconditioned 2.3 engines. I have done about 5000 km on it.

Unfortunately, I am not using it as intended.

1. Caravelle - very nice interior.
2. Tyres - still many ks left
3. Runs very well
4. 2.3 Adreno conversion about 5000 km
5. Regular oil/filter changes done.
6. Two extra fuel tanks (3 in total) one currently used for water.
7. Inverter plus battery.

Things needing attention:

1. Paint scratches on bumpers, mirrors, and roof.
2. The back door panel (carton board) fell out and we lost it. (Gardener decide to dump it).
6. Lost on tank closing cap.

All issues I have had been resolved I mentioned before.

The Syncro is in Greenpoint.

Offers at or more R99500.

The photos are all here

See the above for all photos. Below a few attached.
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