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Full Version: Dean Back at Work
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Im finally back at work from tomorrow till the end of January

I know there are a few people waiting for me to get back and i am from tomorrow the 22nd November
Can get hold of me on 0118115855 or PM me and ill send you my cell no.
Howzit Dean,

Welcome back to the land of the working class. Hope the exams went well and the study period was worth it. At least you can now play with your Toys again ! Wink Wink
Are you guys closing over the Christmas break and from when to when?

thanks, glad to be back and busy with syncro's again
was a tough set of exams but hoping for the best
We are closing between Christmas and New Years only and will be open again immediately after
Dean is in the yard and can't take calls right now
Dean's cell phone is off and you cannot leave a message
Dean has left early
what can i say im very busy my first week back
my cell sometimes does that to people, you must just try phone a few times and it eventually goes through
Is it a Blackberry?
definitely not
iphone all the way
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