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Full Version: New WBX6's being made in Europe??
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For those who have an interest in the wbx 3.2 and 3.7 6 cylinder motors, see these videos on Youtube by a "Mario 338", whoever he is. They show new engine parts clearly, including crankshafts for these motors being put together. Also a 3.2 with a megasquirt fuel management system. We have been told by Oettinger etc that we definately can get no spares and yet if you watch these videos its clear someone is getting new parts made and making engines. The dates of videos are 2011? So I assume that means the engines are recent too. So how do we track this guy down from You tube??, or and
Is that a website adress?
There is a way for you to contact the Author through You tube as I have been messaged from some one on you tube before
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